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June 26, 2016

There’s always been a tightly-woven relationship between social behaviours, such as eating together and drinking booze, and performance. The ancient Greeks did it, The Elizabethans did it, the audiences of Epic theatre were doing it in the roaring 20’s, and we are stil...

April 3, 2016

A total hit of a play. The characters are real, and as we know them through the course of the plot, we witness gentle change as the undulations of life carry them.

Solemn wit is naturally purveyed by the entire cast in The Seagull. The irony of love and its unrequited n...

August 9, 2015

Frantic, fragile and quite strenuous Blanche comes to see her sister Stella for an extended visit. Stella’s husband however, the brisk Stanley, has little to no interest in treating Blanche with kid gloves. Blanche spirals further into madness while Stanley flourishes...

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