The Seagull

April 3, 2016

A total hit of a play. The characters are real, and as we know them through the course of the plot, we witness gentle change as the undulations of life carry them.


Solemn wit is naturally purveyed by the entire cast in The Seagull. The irony of love and its unrequited nature, life, the artists peril, issues of social status, ego, desire, subservience all rang an accord through the actors presentations. There’s drama to be sure as we get to know not only the four main protagonists, but also, all of the supporting roles.
A play of fluidity and motion, never a dull moment and the Pack and Carriage public house environment not only added to the atmosphere but was inspired in grounding the play as our cast moved from indoors, to outdoors and somewhere in between, with moody music to boot, like they all belonged there.
Engaging the audience, with laughter, sorrow and at times with literal participation created an evening not just of entertainment, but a provocation of thought. The symbol of the Seagull changes over the course of the play in alignment with the changing dynamics of the characters moving from hope and freedom to dependence and desperation.

Chekhov, like the Flâneur of everyday life is not passing judgement through his play, but risks showing the real nitty gritty truths of his time. Capturing the fleeting mundane happenings of life, yet making them meaningful at the same time and acknowledging the artists responsibility to capture the experience and to share it.

With subtle mannerisms and gentle sarcasm, a second fix is needed to catch everything that was said and acted and to enjoy the actor’s sheer delight in performing Chekhov’s ‘The Seagull’. It was excellent.

Directed by Vince Gill
Designed by Jennifer Browne
Composition by Filippo Faustini

Reviewed by Sam Mould

Biggest congratulations. I look forwards to seeing it again before it closes. I really enjoyed it.
Very best wishes and good luck for the next endeavour.



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