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We’ll meet in person or over the phone if you prefer - and discuss your acting experience and and casting type, we will then use this as inspiration for your upcoming shoots.

Develop Scenes

We’ll keep in touch and send across some sample scenes selected just for you, to showcase your acting talents at their best - you are also welcome to submit your own material. We’ll take on board any of your feedback and adapt accordingly, so that within a few short weeks we’re ready to shoot two scenes for your showreel.

Shoot Scenes

Bring a friend, or alternatively we can supply professionally-trained acting partners for you to shoot your scenes with. We’ll shoot both scenes in HD, on the latest professional filming equipment, with a great production crew and acting director on hand.

You Receive 

Both showreel scenes, fully edited and ready to upload on Spotlight, Mandy, IMDb, YouTube, Vimeo and other online platforms.


The showreel costs £400 - Click buy now button to book your showreel today. 

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