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William Shakespeare


Experience Shakespeare’s original text poured into a 1970s drinking hole where the poetry blends right in with the rhythms of the jukebox. The scent wafting through the air is a heady cocktail, a ghost of good times and illegal highs - but what other ghostly, illegal, bloody revelations are afoot? Everyone else may be too high to notice…           Be there. With Hamlet. Rebel.

Come and celebrate Shakespeare’s 400th Anniversary with this trippy, unorthodox and fast-paced rendition of his classic tragedy Hamlet!

#FoxandChips #PubBrawlShakespeare





Imran Momen


Victoria Otter


Chris Kyriacou


Ian Macnaughton


James Jip

Grave Digger & Player King

Pete Watts


Harriet Rees


Will Henry


Athanasie Munyaneza



Vince Gade


Emma Povey


David Denyer



“This may actually have been the best Hamlet I've seen live. And certainly the most intimate!” ★★★★★
Catherine C


“Probably one of the most entertaining and fun version of "Hamlet" I've ever seen. The show was well done, the actors were great, and the venue was wonderfully unique and interesting. Would absolutely recommend.” ★★★★★
Holly M


“Awesome, talented actors, amazing value for money, performed in the centre of an atmospheric pub, sofas and chairs in a circle using all the space in and around you. Really great experience.” ★★★★★
Charlotte O


“Shakespeare, down with the people in all it's soap opera glory... Unrarified, accessible and utterly compelling... Beautifully acted by all - especially Ian Macnaughton & Peter Watts who were blooming marvellous. Highly recommended for its semi-immersive approachability, great direction, high energy, brilliant stage combat, engaging actors. Pub * Beer * Chips * What's not to like? 'twas great! ★★★★★
Sarah J

"Their rendition of Much Ado is a jolly, drunken, sit-com of a show that makes good on Shakespeare’s original comic formula of lively physical humour, deftly performed witticisms and bawdy jiggishness. The text feels largely untouched and uncut, but very rarely gratuitous, even for a lover of the short and the snappy – like myself. Set against the backdrop of the 1984-85 Miner’s strike, Fox & Chips conjure a world of daft punks, coked-up 80’s businessmen, and thick-witted watchmen – the world as a whole is easy to sink into and supports the roguish, sexualised and fiercely independent characters of Shakespeare’s text"

Absent Reviews

"I had the privilege of seeing A Streetcar Named Desire as performed by this very talented theatre company. The performance was full of energy and passion with mesmerising characters brought captivatingly to life. The intricate layers of the play, coupled with such sensitive characterisations, made this a memorable and thought provoking evening. A truly wonderful adaptation and one which I will never forget."

Alex Riley


"Unpredictable, Interactive and intimate, Just a few words i would use to describe this unorthodox theatrical experience.             

Danny O'neil

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